Academic Support

Cal Poly offers programs and resources campus wide to help support students’ academic progress and success.

Although students are encouraged and expected to set goals, plan ahead, make decisions, solve problems, seek out resources and ask for help, these steps may not always come naturally to them—especially if they have never had to ask for help.

You can help your student through academic challenges by suggesting study strategies and encouraging them to seek assistance from faculty and staff advisors who can help them make meaningful adjustments in how they approach their studies.

The following resources are good to know about if you find yourself in a discussion with your son or daughter about his or her academic progress. Feel free to refer your son or daughter to these resources for assistance and encourage him or her to take the initiative to seek out the help necessary to find success.

Ten Tips for Academic Success
These study strategies are designed to help students prepare for the rigors and demands of college coursework at Cal Poly. They are fundamental to a student’s academic success. Most students who adopt these strategies will achieve their potential.

College Advising Centers 
College advisors are available to explain degree requirements and academic policies and procedures. They can also help students select and register for classes and address other academic concerns.

Advising Resources
Various departments on campus offer academic support services to help students who are striving to get the best grade possible or struggling with a specific class. These advisors specialize in a variety of areas that impact student success.

Change of Major
The Academic Programs website lists policies and processes related to change of major. If your student finds that their interests and abilities lie in an area different that their declared field of study, this information can help them understand how to pursue a change.

Students who are uncertain about their field of study should meet with advisors from their college and the university’s Career Services Center. (See College Advising Center and Advising Resources links above.)

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