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Cal Poly's Local Connections program aims to support out-of-state students and foster a sense of community in their new home away from home. It offers students the chance to find and form a lasting support system during their Cal Poly journey, providing opportunities to meet, connect and build long-lasting friendships with fellow out-of-state students.    

This year, the Local Connections program is looking to connect students with the community now more than ever!  Our staff will be hosting student-led hangout sessions, study groups, game nights, community cooking events featuring foods from different parts of the world, and more! 

To learn more and stay connected to the out-of-state community, sign up today!


Phone: 805-756-6700

Program History

The idea to create Local Connections was sparked by Cal Poly parents Julia and Scott Starkey in 2014 who saw the benefit of having this type of program available to their child at another institution.

“A sponsor program gives those students who are far from home the opportunity to have a local connection that offers some of the benefits of being close to family. Many of these students just need a place to get away, a home cooked meal, or simply a little peace and comfort." - Julia Starkey

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Julia and Scott Starkey (center) with
two sponsor students.


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