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Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council is a group of Cal Poly parents/supporters, students and faculty members who provide programming direction to Parent and Family Programs and advises the university's administration on matters involving student development and success.


Parent Advisory Council members are university ambassadors who share their experiences and perspectives with others and foster communication between parents and the university. Members serve three-year terms and students/faculty serve one-year terms.

Parent Advisory Council meetings are held three times annually on campus and are open to all Cal Poly parents and supporters. Parents interested in membership are invited to observe one meeting. The application processes consist of a questionnaire and telephone interview with the Parent Advisory Council Chair or Vice Chair with final approval made by the Cal Poly Vice President for Student Affairs.

If you would like to attend an upcoming meeting or learn more about the council, please email

Member Roster

Parent Advisory Council members are available to answer questions and share their experiences and perspectives with other Cal Poly parents. Please feel free to reach out to any member by clicking on the email address in their bio below.

Monica White, Chair

Term: 2014 - 2018

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

Cal Poly Students:

Olivia, Liberal Studies '19 - College of Science & Mathematics

Katelyn, Business Administration '15 - Orfalea College of Business

Zach, Agricultural Business '12 - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


My children have been active in Greek Life at Cal Poly. Zach was a member of the National Agribusiness Marketing Association, which was very helpful in developing skills in his current career in sales and Katelyn was a member of the Dance Team.

Marla Nakaso, Vice Chair

Term: 2017-2020

Hometown: San Ramon, CA

Cal Poly Student: Kelly - Business Administration '20, Orfalea College of Business


I’m a marketing professional who is so proud to be part of the Mustang family and serve on the PAC. I’m active with my local church and enjoy playing the ukulele, jazzercise and spending time with family and friends. 

Laura Ambrose

Term: 2016-2019

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Cal Poly Student: Cole, Agribusiness '19 - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


I grew up in Kansas, received my BA from Ottawa University and earned an MBA from San Diego State. I've worked in strategic planning, organizational development and marketing for the last 30 years. I've served on several boards and currently serve on two community boards in Pacific Beach where we live. We are also very active in our church. We own Woodstock's Pizza, which has been a part of downtown SLO since 1980. Over the years we've hired well over a thousand Cal Poly students, and we have always been impressed by the wholesomeness of these students. Most of our success can be attributed to them!

Rosemary Boncich

Cal Poly Civil Engineering ’86

Term: 2015 - 2018

Hometown: Chatsworth, CA

Cal Poly Students: 

Samantha, Agribusiness '19 -  College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Matthew, Mechanical Engineering '14 - College of Engineering

Katherine, Agribusiness '12 - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


We are a Cal Poly family and love to share the value and benefits of the Cal Poly experience. My husband and I are both Cal Poly alumni; along with our older two children, who both have careers in their field of study from Cal Poly.

Jennifer Britton

Term: 2016 - 2019

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Cal Poly Student: Liam - Architecture '21, College of Architecture and Environmental Design


I'm interested in becoming more grounded in how things are connected at Cal Poly and how things can "cross-pollinate." I have been involved in parent/school communications in two different schools over the last decade and love to help "connect the dots" and make things more user-friendly and accessible. I enjoy working as a leadership and organizational consultant and coach and that often supports almost every volunteer position I have held. I also love to add the personal touches, where possible, to large group efforts so that engagement with new people at a new school isn't too overwhelming. There is so much spirit at Cal Poly and I hope to be part of keeping that spirit contagious and alive!  

Stacy Flaherty

Term: 2018-2022

Hometown: Ballard, CA

Cal Poly Students:

Lauren - Agricultural Communication '22, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Keegan - Agricultural Business '19, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Taylor - Animal Science '17, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


I’m a newly retired teacher and I have always been very active in my children's school.  I’ve always enjoyed my decades of involvement in PTSA, School Site Council and leadership roles both as a teacher and parent. I’m excited to continue my relationship in my kids’s education at the collegiate level. I’m hopeful to bring my experiences to Cal Poly’s PAC which include: Sorority and Fraternity Life, Quarter Plus Program, DRC (disability resource center), CP Men’s Lacrosse, CP Rodeo/Rodeo Booster & having 3 children with different majors & minors.  During my first year of empty nesting, I’ve kept busy horseback riding and traveling along business trips with my husband of 25 years. I’m also very true to my sorority, Delta Gamma; as I’m an advisor at the UCSB chapter. The DG house of 283 girls has kept me young and active!

Bill Hanna

Term: 2018-2021

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Cal Poly Student: Matt '21, Orfalea College of Business


As a Parent Advisory Council member, my goals are to contribute useful information and thoughtful insights from the perspectives of a parent and CSU professor with 44 years in education and to help parents and students know “Learn By Doing” curricular and co-curricular Cal Poly opportunities.  I candidly, clearly, and humorously offer to share my parenting experiences from helping my son throughout his Mustang journey to assist fellow CP parents. 

Traci Henegar

Term: 2018-2021

Hometown: Lantana, TX 

Cal Poly Student: Davis '20, Orfalea College of Business


I'm a Cal Poly Grad (SPC 1990) as well as a proud Cal Poly Out-Of-State parent to our 4th year BUS son!  I'm a Realtor in the DFW area where we make our home, however, my true passion lies in advocating for and supporting college students that face substance addiction challenges and/or are in recovery.  Our son is one of those students, and we have become very involved with helping start Cal Poly Campus Health & Wellbeing start our new collegiate recovery community, Mustangs for Recovery.  I work closely with CH & W administration on not only Mustangs for Recovery but also in being as informed as possible on everything Cal Poly does to help support and address student health issues on all levels.  I am absolutely delighted to be able to give back to my beloved Cal Poly community by serving on the PAC--without a doubt the best college in the country!

Ken Hovden

Term: 2016 - 2019

Hometown: Woodside, CA

Cal Poly Student: Taira - Mechanical Engineering '19, College of Engineering


As a non-Cal Poly alum, I have been very impressed with the humanistic model being used at the University and decided to become involved. I look forward to helping alums other non-alums find ways to volunteer to help make Cal Poly an even better university for our children. My daughter has been a member of the Women's Club Water Polo Team and has joined the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. This next year she plans to become a member of some of the engineering club.s I am a practicing dentist, having graduated from UOP School of Dentistry in '81 and Stanford University in '78. I enjoy snow skiing, teaching, being involved in my son's Boy Scout Troop and managing my micro vineyard of pinot noir, where I produce a barrel of wine a year. 

Jackie Mann

Term: 2015-2018

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Cal Poly Student: Ian - Electrical Engineering '18, College of Engineering


Avid organic vegetable, fruit tree, and flower gardener. I love cooking and farmers markets and farm to table food. The Cal Poly veggie stand is amazing. Love skiing (moguls especially), walking, running, yoga, tennis, and sailing. A great love of hiking. Particularly enjoy getting to know the peaks surrounding Cal Poly, Montana De Oro and Big Sur. I do a lot of photography, especially of people and their kids. A great education along with reading and outdoor activities is I believe, the most important activities for our Cal Poly students.  

Patrick O'Meara

Cal Poly Crop Science ’84

Term: 2016-2019

Hometown: Avila Beach, CA

Cal Poly Students: 

Mitchell - Manufacturing Engineering '19, College of Engineering

Meaghan - Kinesiology '14, College of Science and Mathematics 

Cady - Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration '13, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


As a person who loves the outdoors, I am excited to be back on the Central Coast and look forward to the many activities that this area has to offer. My wife and I are both alumni of Cal Poly (1984). I have a BS in Crop Science and am self-employed in the produce packaging industry. During my time at Cal Poly, I was a 4 year member of the Men's Swimming and Diving team and served 2 terms as the Cal Poly Crops Club President. We have been blessed to have all three of our children attend Cal Poly for their college education. I have very fond memories of my college experiences here and I am excited to help others have a great experience as a Mustang parent. 

Sandy O'Meara

Cal Poly Agriculture Business Management ’84

Term: 2016-2019

Hometown: Avila Beach, CA

Cal Poly Students: 

Mitchell - Manufacturing Engineering '19, College of Engineering

Meaghan - Kinesiology '14, College of Science and Mathematics 

Cady - Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration '13, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


My husband and I are both Cal Poly alumni (1984) and I have a BS in Ag Business Management. We have our own business providing packaging and labeling supplies to the produce industry. My two oldest children are alumni and they were involved in various activities including Cru, volunteering in the community and collegiate athletics. With our youngest and third Mustang starting Fall of 2015, we decided to build our empty nest right back here on the Central Coast and look forward to being active in the Cal Poly community once again. 

Cassandra Ornelas

Term: 2018-2022

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Cal Poly Students:

Carleigh '22 - College of Science and Mathematics

Jenna '14 - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


I have always been an active parent in our children's education this continued when they attended  Cal Poly. I had the pleasure of serving on the PAC from 2010-2014 when our oldest daughter was enrolled in the Animal Science Program. I love attending the Cal Poly events. My strengths are welcoming parents, being an attentive listener, mentoring Cal Poly parents by providing current accurate information or referring to pertinent campus resources. I am currently serving as the housing liaison and our youngest daughter is fortunate to be enjoying the new dorms. I also have experience with the Red Brick dorms, Poly Canyon Village and off-campus options. I  have a unique perspective professionally. I am a credentialed School Nurse with 22 years of experience advocating for children. I am currently working at Montecito Union School which has challenged my out-of-the-box thinking, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills as we have faced the challenges of the Thomas Fire and the Debris Flow. I am grateful to have the opportunity to contribute my time and expertise to PAC as our youngest daughter attends this extraordinary university studying Liberal Studies.

Jeannie Petithomme

Term: 2016-2019

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Cal Poly Student: Catherine - Wine and Viticulture '17, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


I have a BS in early childhood education from Valdosta State University. I enjoy hiking, cycling, traveling and wine tasting. My daughter is active in Greek life, Vines to Wines, and just finished her internship working a harvest at Edna Valley Vineyard fall quarter of 2015. 

Rod Petithomme

Cal Poly Architectural Engineering '86

Term: 2016-2019

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Cal Poly Student: Catherine, Wine and Viticulture '17 - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


After 30 years, I'm excited to be back on the Central Coast, closer to our daughter who studied Wine & Viticulture! I left Cal Poly in 1986 with a BS in Architectural Engineering and spent 27 years defending our Nation as an F-16 pilot/instructor in the United States Air Force, retiring in September 2014. Being back in SLO gives us an opportunity to volunteer and support Cal Poly on a regular basis. As often as I can, I put in hours in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design Support shop. My wife and I are excited about helping Cal Poly students and their parents get the most out of their experience at this amazing University. 

Jim Pirkle

Term: 2018-2021

Hometown: Monterey, CA

Cal Poly Students:

Geri '21 - College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences

Scott '20 - College of Engineering


I graduated from West Point in 1982, opened a small insurance brokerage in 1990 and in 1993 married a local nurse, Beth (Fresno State).   We love having our kids just 2 hours away making it possible to see them both play lacrosse (A Club Sport at Cal Poly).   I’ve been very impressed with the support the Cal Poly community has given my kids, as they have both had some ‘bumps’ in their roads to maturity/graduation.  Geri changed majors after her 2ndquarter and studied abroad during the Fall 2018 quarter.  She is involved with the WOW program and other activities around the school/SLO area.  Scott took 5 years to get his degree, plus 3 minors and is now taking advantage of the Blended Plus 1 program to get his Masters in Aerospace in one more year.  Both kids have worked at Cal Poly and in the SLO area.  We are an ‘All-In’ Mustang Family and want to help any future/current families feel as confident about this school as we do.

Roxanne Rogers

Term: 2017-2020

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Cal Poly Student: Joshua - Construction Management '20, College of Architecture and Environmental Design


In the legal field since 1987 with a focus on business law and intellectual property, but my true calling is to pursue causes that make a difference. Currently active in food ministries and local sustainability projects with my husband of 21 years, we're now looking forward with great anticipation to channeling our energy towards serving Cal Poly students and the Mustang community. Any Mustangs in the Ventura County and West Valley areas needing an assist, please feel free to reach out and if I can't help, I'll do my best to find someone who can.

Lorna Sheridan

Term: 2017-2020

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Cal Poly Student: Quinn - Agricultural Business '20, College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences


I grew up on the East Coast and graduated from Princeton University. My husband and I moved to California ten years ago for his job in the wine business. I am the education editor and columnist for the Sonoma Index-Tribune. In addition to our son at Cal Poly, we have a daughter at Princeton, and comparing and contrasting the two experiences has been fascinating. Cal Poly absolutely holds it's own!

Shirley Sigmund

Term: 2017-2020

Home City, State: Templeton, CA

Cal Poly Student: Jade - Communication Studies '20, College of Liberal Arts


I have a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Communicative Disorders from Cal State Fullerton. I have been practicing as a licensed speech language pathologist for the past 26 years in many settings such as acute care, school based therapy, outpatient services, skilled nursing, home health, and now, I work full time with the mentally disordered and incarcerated men at Atascadero State Hospital. The work is challenging and rewarding. I look forward to supporting the Mustang students and families as a member of the Parent Advisory Council.

Ellen Solum

Cal Poly Home Economics/Dietetics and Food Administration ‘79

Emeritus Parent Advisory Council Member

Term: 2012 - 2017

Hometown: Tehachapi, CA

Cal Poly Students:

James – Forestry and Natural Resources Management '16 and Forestry Sciences '18, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Erica – Software Engineering, '17, College of Engineering


Topics I’m familiar with include: student housing; Greek life; student special needs; support; graduating in 5 years vs. 4 years; and, women in Computer Science.

Audrey Ticktin

Term: Spring 2016 - 2019

Hometown: Westlake Village, CA

Cal Poly Students: 

Erin - Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration '19 - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science, June 2019

Jordan - Industrial Technology '17, Orfalea College of Business


I graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, and am a Registered Dietitian. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, road biking and mountain biking. Both of my kids are here at Cal Poly, and have taken advantage of all the school has to offer - from job fair (landing internships with large companies) to joining Greek life and service oriented clubs. We're thrilled to be a part of the Cal Poly family. 

Council Meeting Minutes and Documents

View past Parent Advisory Council meeting minutes:

Winter 2018 Meeting Minutes: Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fall 2017 Meeting Minutes: Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spring 2017 Meeting Minutes: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Winter 2017 Meeting Minutes: Saturday, February 26, 2017

Fall 2016 Meeting Minutes: Saturday, October 23, 2016

Spring 2016 Meeting Minutes: Saturday, May 7, 2016

Winter 2016 Meeting Minutes: Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fall 2015 Meeting Minutes: Sunday, October 25, 2015


View the Parent Advisory Council Bylaws.

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