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Get Ready for Spring Commencement 

The Spring Commencement Fair is taking place on April 27th and 28th from 8am-5pm in the University Union Plaza and University Bookstore. Students can purchase everything they need for commencement during this time including the NEW Cal Poly GREEN cap and gown, tassels, announcements, diploma frames, and more. For more information about the items and regalia available, CLICK HERE

Ultimate Exposures will be on campus both April 27th and 28th for graduate portraits. To schedule a sitting appointment, CLICK HERE

Visit the Commencement website to stay up-to-date with information about tickets, parking, accessibility, day-of tips, and more! 

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Start Planning for the Fall 2017 Quarter

As the academic year gets closer to an end, students are often focused on summer plans, jobs, and internships. However, there are important due dates for the Fall Quarter that occur during spring and summer. Remind your student of the following things to prepare for the fall 2017 quarter before the summer break:

  • Students must login to and update their PolyPlan before 5pm on April 12th to avoid being placed in the last rotation appointment for fall 2017 registration. Check out the Mustang Success Center’s online guide to the PolyPortal.   
  • Students should check when PASS opens and for their registration rotation for fall 2017 HERE.
  • Students can stay up-to-date with housing, dining, and fee due dates for the 2017-2018 year HERE.

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Explore the Great Outdoors with Poly Escapes 

With spring quarter and great weather right around the corner, Poly Escapes is an amazing organization under Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) that offers student-led outdoor trips, an on-campus climbing park, and outdoor adventure equipment rental. The organized trips range from local outings to surf at Pismo Beach all the way to backpacking through Yosemite. The climbing park features two different rock walls and is free for students to utilize. Poly Escapes rents out equipment such as backpacks, tents, kayaks, surfboards, and other items at reasonable prices to encourage student exploration of San Luis Obispo County’s great outdoors. An awesome way for students to meet new people, Poly Escapes helps students get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of the Central Coast. 

For more information on Poly Escapes, upcoming trips, and equipment rentals, CLICK HERE.

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Stay Active and Be Social with Intramural Sports

As winter quarter winds down, some students find themselves wanting to branch out and start exploring friendships around shared interests. Intramural sports at Cal Poly offers a great pathway for students to do just that, providing an avenue to get to know people outside of the residence halls while staying physically healthy. Whether your student decides to play as a free agent, or sign up an entire team with an existing group of friends, they can register for a sport on the first Thursday of the new quarter. There are different levels of competitiveness throughout the intramural leagues, so there is something for everyone, even if students are trying out a sport for the first time. For more information about intramural sports and how students can sign up, CLICK HERE

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What You Need to Know about Summer Term at Cal Poly 

While many students participate in internships during the summer, some decide to work on their academic progress towards degree and enroll in Cal Poly’s summer term. Consisting of two different five-week programs, an eight-week program, or a ten-week program, students can take up to 22 units during the summer and enroll just as they normally would during any other quarter. Summer term is a great opportunity for students to take classes and stay caught up with their coursework to graduate on time. Not every course is offered during summer, so it is important to plan ahead, check what classes are offered during summer, and consult with an academic advisor to further explore options.

For more information on summer term dates and how to enroll, click here.

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Does Your Student Need Food Assistance?

CalFresh is a federally funded program, known nationally as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This program is meant to assist people meet their nutritional needs. CalFresh issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used at many places that sell food, including grocery stores and farmers markets.

The CalFresh Outreach Program is here to help as many food-insecure college students as possible apply for CalFresh benefits and to help them maintain their benefits. The program also works on reducing the stigma of receiving benefits, and getting the word out about all the benefits available to students. Just because someone is in college, does not mean that they need to be going hungry. 

Eligibility requirements can be discussed confidentially, and students can begin the online application with help from trained CalFresh Outreach staff every Monday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Campus Health and Wellbeing Room in the Health Center (No. 27, Room 137B, main floor). The application process is easy and mostly online. More information is available by emailing the CalFresh Outreach team at, or by calling or texting 805-399-0236.

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Resource Spotlight – Pride Center 

Cal Poly has a variety of great resources for a diverse student body. Each month we will highlight one that may be beneficial or of interested to your student.

The Pride Center supports and advocates for the unique academic and social needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, and pansexual (LGBTQIAP) students to promote personal growth and success by cultivating a culture of care and providing welcoming and inclusive spaces. Some of the reoccurring events and resources they offer include the following:

PRISM (Peer Resources in Student Mentoring): Offers one-on-one support both online and in person for Cal Poly students who identify as LGBTQIAP, who are questioning, or who may have LGBTQIAP friends, roommates, or family members and want to be an ally to these communities.

QTPOC Dialogues: A safe space for queer and trans people of color. Part social space - part facilitated dialogue, participants explore topics of identity, how QTPOC students build community and find connections on campus, and other themes important to the group. 

Umbrella: Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Dialogues: A safe space for anyone who falls under the trans umbrella (including, but not limited to, transgender, nonbinary, demigender, agender, genderfluid, genderqueer).

Queer Dialogues: A safe and inclusive environment for queer-identified students to discuss experiences and issues within the LGBTQIAP communities. 

Queer Women Thursdays: A fun and welcoming community where self-identified lesbian, bi, pan, ace, trans, and queer women come together and discuss the important, fun and spontaneous topics that are a part of their experience, as well as support each other in navigating Cal Poly as queer women. 

Pride Month: April is Pride Month, a month-long celebration of our LGBTQIAP community. Pride month is a once-a-year opportunity for LGBTQIAP individuals to enjoy visibility and support from a wide community, while celebrating our allies and promoting awareness about issues surrounding the diverse intersections of queer identity. 

CLICK HERE to request a subscription to the Cross Cultural Centers Newsletter to stay up-to-date on upcoming Price Center events.

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Upcoming Events – April

Saturday, April 1st 1-6pm at Bob Janssen Field (160-0161)
     Softball v UCSB
     Additional game: Sunday, April 2nd 1-3:30pm 

Friday, April 7th 12-4pm at the Mott Gym Tennis Courts 
     Men’s Tennis v UC Irvine 

Friday, April 7th 6-9:30pm at Baggett Stadium (160-0161)
     Baseball v Hawai’i 
     Additional games: Saturday, April 8th 6:30-9:30pm and Sunday, April 9th 1-4:30pm

Friday, April 7th 7:30-10:30pm in Spanos Theatre (044-0227) 
     Pirates of Penzance
     Additional shows: Saturday, April 8th  

Saturday, April 8th 11am-3pm at the Mott Gym Tennis Courts
     Women’s Tennis v UC Irvine

Sunday, April 9th 11am-2pm at the Mott Gym Tennis Courts
     Women’s Tennis v CS Fullerton 

Tuesday, April 11th 6-9:30pm at Baggett Stadium (160-0161)
     Baseball v Santa Clara

Friday, April 14th 1-6pm at Bob Janssen Field (160-0161)
     Softball v Long Beach State

Friday, April 14th 8-10pm in Spanos Theatre (044-0227)
     The Mystical Arts of Tibet 

Saturday, April 15th 12-4pm at the Mott Gym Tennis Courts
      Men’s Tennis v UC Riverside 

Saturday, April 15th 1-3:30pm at Bob Janssen Field (160-0161)
      Softball v Long Beach State

Friday, April 21st 6-9:30pm at Baggett Stadium (160-0161)
      Baseball v CS Fullerton 
      Additional games: Saturday, April 22nd 6-9:30pm and Sunday, April 23rd 1-4:30pm 

Tuesday, April 25th 6-9:30pm at Baggett Stadium (160-0161)
      Baseball v Fresno State

For Athletic event tickets, CLICK HERE. For Performing Art Center event tickets, CLICK HERE.

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Important Dates & Deadlines

April 3 | Spring Quarter class begin 
April 3 | Last day to petition to walk in Spring Commencement 
April 6 – 8 | Open House
April 21-23 | Poly Cultural Weekend
April 12 by 5pm | Last day to login and adjust PolyPlan to avoid being placed in last rotation appointment for Summer/Fall 2017 registration 
April 19 – 20 | Spring Career Fair
April 27 – 28 | Spring Commencement Fair
May 29 | Academic holiday; Memorial Day observed
June 12 – 16 | Spring Quarter finals
June 17 – 18 | Spring Commencement 
June 18 | Freshmen must vacate their rooms and apartments by noon
June 20 | Continuing and transfer students must vacate their apartments by noon 

For more important dates, deadlines, and calendars, CLICK HERE

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Important Campus Phone Numbers

Admissions | (805) 756-2311 
Career Services | (805) 756-2501 
Commencement | (805) 756-1600
Counseling Services | (805) 756-2511
Disability Resource Center | (805) 756-1395
Financial Aid Office | (805) 756-2927 
Health Services | (805) 756-1211 
Mustang Success Center | (805) 756-6211 
Parent & Family Programs | (805) 756-6700
Student Accounts | (805) 756-1428 
University Housing | (805) 756-1226 
University Police Department | (805) 756-2281

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