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Director's Message

Summer is right around the corner and we're gearing up to celebrate over 5,000 Cal Poly graduates and their supporters at Spring Commencement! We're excited to welcome back alumni, legacy families, first-generation families, friends, supporters and more during this exciting time. As graduates cross the academic finish-line this June, we invite graduates to stay connected, visit often, and give back as they continue their journey beyond Cal Poly. If you are interested in receiving commencement information, be sure to sign-up for our email list and download the official app!

Over the summer, we look forward to connecting with thousands of incoming students and supporters during SLO Days, at regional summer send-off events, move-in events, and Week of Welcome. We appreciate all the seasoned Cal Poly parents and supporters who serve as resources for this eager, and sometimes anxious, incoming class. Your feedback, insights and ideas are always welcome! We encourage you to reach out to us anytime at with questions, concerns or comments on how we can make Cal Poly a more welcoming and accessible home away from home.

Stay in touch over the summer and we hope to see you soon!

Tessa Stevens Espinoza, M.A. Ed.
Senior Director of Strategy and Engagement

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Spring Commencement Information

With Commencement quickly approaching, here is some important information to help you and your student prepare for the big day!

Commencement Info Booths | Every Thursday in May | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. | Dexter Lawn & UU Plaza

The Commencement office will be hosting a weekly info booth throughout the month of May prior to Commencement. Students can stop by to ask questions, get information, grab free swag, and pick up a free snack!

Cap Decorating | June 6 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. | UU Craft Center (Building 65 Room 111)

ASI is sponsoring a cap decorating event for graduating students to utilize free supplies in the ASI Craft Center!

Cultural Commencements

To view a full list of Cultural Commencement events open to all graduating students, click here.

Department Events

To view the full list of college and department events hosted over commencement weekend, click here.

Commencement Ceremonies | June 15-16, 2019 | Alex G. Spanos Stadium

Graduates will celebrate being Mustangs Forever at their assigned ceremony times, based on programs of study, as listed below:

Saturday, June 15, 2019 | 5:00 p.m. | College of Architecture and Environmental Design, College of Engineering and College of Science and Mathematics

Sunday, June 16, 2019 | 5:00 p.m. | College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Orfalea College of Business and College of Liberal Arts

More Information

Parents, supporters, family, and friends can sign up for Spring Commencement 2019 information emails HERE to stay in the loop about commencement ceremonies, regalia, parking, tickets, and more.

In addition to signing up to receive emails, guests are encouraged to download the Cal Poly Now Commencement app to receive important commencement-related information.

You can also follow Cal Poly Commencement on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements.

For any questions about Spring Commencement 2018, please contact the Commencement Office at 805-756-1600 or

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On-Campus Housing Move Out

While the end of the school year is just one month away, it is a good idea to start planning move-out logistics. Students living on campus must vacate their rooms and apartments by 5pm on Sunday, June 19, 2019. Remind your student to do the following before vacating their room:


Start packing and taking things home now! Moving boxes can be purchased at Canyon Post, Campus Market, and the University Store.

  • Trash: Dumpsters will be added throughout University Housing. Remind your student to place all trash in dumpsters and large trash bins. They MUST NOT leave trash in stairways, hallways, study lounges, common-area trash bins.
  • Loading: During finals week, temporary loading is permitted in lots near residence halls and apartments. Please move your vehicle after you load your car (or remind your student to do so). In PCV only, 40-minute curbside loading will be available during move-out. All red zone and metered parking rules apply.


  • Cleaning supplies are available at your student’s front desk! Your student’s room should be in the same state it was when they moved into it. Remind them to clean these areas:
    • Window sills
    • All assigned furniture (put back in original layout)
    • Kitchen, including inside of refrigerator and freezer
    • Trash and recycle bins (empty them!)
    • Remove any decals, tape, tacks, etc.


  • Once your student’s room is completely ready for checkout, they should go to their community front desk with their keys and key card. Failure to checkout or follow procedure will result in an Improper Checkout Fee, in addition to any charges associated with damages, cleanliness, lost keys or access cards.

Below are links to information your student will need to know to complete their checkout from on-campus housing at the end of the academic year. 

Remember that many other students will be moving out during these dates, so please exercise patience and plan accordingly.

Find more important housing dates here. If your student has any questions, they can contact their Resident or Community Advisor, or CSD.

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Share Your Parent Experience

The Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Programs Professionals (AHEPPP) is interested in hearing your stories! AHEPPP is the premier national association for professionals who work with the parents and families of college students. They provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and education to support professionals in higher education who promote student success through informed parent and family engagement.

In order to learn more about college parenting on a national scale, they are looking for parents and family members of college students to share information about their relationship with their student and the institution they attend. Your responses will help colleges and universities as they try to uncover trends and best work with parents. 

Take the Survey Online Today

The survey is only 25 questions and should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. It will close on May 10.

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TRIO Achievers Accepting Student Applications

TRIO Achievers is accepting applications from students who wish to join the program for the remainder of the 2018-19 academic year. Those who know of students who wish to join TRIO Achievers can direct them to the online application page at Interested students must meet one or more of the following requirements to be eligible: low-income student, first-generation student, and/or student with a disability. TRIO Achievers, also known as Student Support Services (SSS), provides assistance to more than 250 students every year through academic advising, mentorship, tutoring, career and professional development, financial literacy, workshops and events, and academic literacy. The program is a part of a national effort by the U.S. Department of Education to ensure a successful college experience for low-income, first-generation students, and/or students with disabilities.

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31 Days of Wellness

Campus Health and Wellbeing invites the campus community to participate in the third annual 31 Days of Wellness. Throughout May, with the support of campus and community partners, Campus Health and Wellbeing will showcase the multiple aspects of healthy living. From community wellness, social relations, emotional health, career development, academic success, financial wellbeing and physical health, there will be something for everyone. 

Regular weekly events include:

  • Monday Silent Meditations in Health Center building, 27 room 11 from 12:10pm - 1:00pm
  • Tuesday, May 7th Farmer's Market on campus
  • Student Hosted Events
  • Staff & Faculty Hosted Events

Download the Cal Poly Now App and look for the “Be Well at Cal Poly” guide for a full list of events at

Be sure to follow @mycpwell on social media for updates and inspiration!

Questions? Email

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Get to know Heather Domonoske

By Jarod Urrutia, Fourth-year student, Journalism

Heather Domonoske’s passion for leadership led her to Cal Poly’s Center for Leadership in June, when she took on the position of lead coordinator. With a diverse background in leadership development in tow, Domonoske plans to take everything she’s learned throughout her career and pass it on to Cal Poly students who want to explore their untapped potential. She recently spoke about her approach to the position, her ideas for engaging students, and how she can help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

What is your vision for the Center for Leadership as their new lead coordinator? Are there any changes or goals for the center you wish to make?

My vision for the Center for Leadership is to continue building a center that facilitates leadership growth and development opportunities for all Cal Poly students. This includes enhancing the current programs we offer to make sure we’re expansive in our discussion of leadership topics. We’re also making sure we market our programs so that students know about us, so we have our students on the Peer Leader Engagement Committee focus a lot on social media and engaging with students online. I also hope to foster new ways that students can engage and learn through our center. Additionally, this year I will be focusing on increasing our partnerships with academic colleges in hopes of increasing the ways in which we engage with students.

Tell me about your decision to come to Cal Poly. What drew you to the university and the city?

My decision to come to Cal Poly was based on the potential I saw in the growth of the relatively new Center for Leadership (which originally opened in April, 2015). I’ve always had a passion for equity and social justice work, and I believe that leadership programming is a great medium for that. I’ve had a lot of experience with professional collaboration, including time spent as an outdoor program coordinator, teaching leadership seminars at the Bowling Green State University, and as a resident director at Evergreen State College. I’m very excited to combine the range of experiences I have with my passion for working with college students.

I also came here because I’m a California native who grew up in the Los Angeles area. I’m excited to be living in California for the first time in 10 years!

Why should students participate in the Emerging Leaders Series and Developing Leaders Series? What do you want students to walk away with when they participate in one of your programs?

The Emerging Leaders Series (ELS) is a great opportunity for students to reflect and engage in conversation about what leadership is and who leaders are, while reflecting on themselves and their lived experiences, passions, and identities. We hope to foster new ideas about leadership for students and dispel the ideas that leadership has to be positional; that leaders have to be perfect and cannot make mistakes; that the person with a leadership title is the best or only leader in a group; or that followers are below a leader or not as good as leaders.

The Developing Leaders Series is a great next step to think about applying concepts covered in ELS and thinking deeper about what it means to be an agent of social change.

ELS is unique because it is not graded and is based on activities, discussion, and reflection. Our staff who facilitate ELS and DLS aren’t traditional teachers, but facilitators who help to put into action the type of leadership values we hold in our center.

I have lots of hopes for what students will get out of one of these programs — that students can see themselves as a leader, can have an increased sense of who they are and thus how they lead, and can have more tools and resources for enacting and leading in their daily lives.

Tell me about your personal approach to working with students and helping them in education and leadership development.

My approach is to meet them at their level while helping them advance their understanding of aspects of leadership in relation to themselves. A growth mindset is critical for this work, so I strive to bring that mindset to the ways I engage with students. I try to be a mirror that reflects back to students the impact they have, while helping them learn to hold up their own mirror as they increase their self-awareness. I think leadership development is inherently linked with personal development, and so I see my role as someone who works with all aspects of a student’s experience and education. Similar to how we talk about leadership being non-positional, I think being an educator is not just one position or mindset to take — it’s an ongoing journey. I hope to be a resource, an ally, and educator, an advocate, and a person who provides high levels of support while also challenging every student’s growth mindset.

Employers are often looking for a variety of skills like managing conflict, guiding a team, time management and building interpersonal skills. Though these might not be called "leadership" in surveys, these are all skills we work to provide students at Cal Poly.

Tell me about an experience in leadership that has really stuck with you through the years and has impacted your approach to leadership education. 

Instructing wilderness-based courses with Outward Bound was a six-year experience that has greatly impacted my approach to leadership education, my life and my work as an educator. During instruction, I would often facilitate discussions or ask reflective questions while challenging students to dig deep emotionally, mentally, and/or physically while being right there with them. While I may be seen as the lead instructor, I was constantly learning and engaging with my students and co-instructors. They pushed me to be my best self and expanded the ways I think about the world around me. Helping teenagers become leaders in the outdoors when they may have never slept outside requires a variety of skills and unending compassion. I strive to bring similar aspects of experiential education to how I educate others, no matter the context or setting.

Interested in supporting the Center for Leadership and the students it serves? Visit For additional information, visit the Center for Leadership website or email

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Resource Spotlight – Disability Resource Center’s Disability Tapas

Cal Poly has a variety of great resources for a diverse student body. Each month we will highlight one that may be beneficial or of interest to your student.

Disabilities come in many different forms and can vary greatly. Students are invited to join the Disability Resource Center for some snack-size information and interactive discussions on a variety of disability-related topics. The presentations are offered every Thursday from 11:10 a.m. to noon in the Science Building (No. 52), Room E26.  

Participants can also attend via Zoom at

Topics and dates include:

  • May 2: Supporting Students with ADHD 
  • May 9: Supporting Students with Autism 
  • May 16: ADA/504 Accommodations: Equitable Access and Legal Considerations 
  • May 23: Accessible Learning Spaces: Addressing Mobility and Visual Access Needs  
  • May 30: Supporting Students with Psychological Disabilities
  • June 6: Supporting Students with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Concussive Syndrome 

For more information, contact the Disability Resource Center at or ext. 6-1395.

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Recommended Parent Reading List

Ever wish there was a how-to guide on parenting college students? While there might not be a manual on raising young adults, there are several helpful resources, articles, and books to help you support your student. Each quarter Parent & Family Programs will recommend a recent and relevant book or article for parents and supporters of students of all identities and backgrounds.

Spring Quarter Reading Recommendation: “Voice Lessons for Parents: What to Say, How to Say it, and When to Listen” by Dr. Wendy Mogel

In Voice Lessons for Parents, Mogel elaborates on her novel clinical approach, revealing how each age and stage of a child’s life brings new opportunities to connect through language. Drawing from sources as diverse as neuroscience, fairy tales, and anthropology, Mogel offers specific guidance for talking to children across the expanse of childhood and adolescence. She also explains the best ways to talk about your child to partners, exes, and grandparents, as well as to teachers, coaches, and caretakers. Throughout the book, Mogel addresses an obstacle that bedevils even the most seasoned and confident parent: the distraction of digital devices, how they impact our connection with our families, and what we can do about it.

Mogel’s now classic book, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, is a beloved resource for a generation of parents. Voice Lessons for Parents brings her unique brand of practical wisdom to harried parents eager to deepen their relationships with their kids. “Children will lead you on an incredible journey,” writes Mogel, “if they trust you, if you take the time, and if you’re willing to follow.”

Want to start a local Cal Poly parent reading circle? Browse Facebook for the many local Facebook groups created and maintained by current and past Cal Poly Proud parents. Happy reading!

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 Important Dates and Deadlines

May 3 | Students on the Summer Quarter 2019 interest list students are sent an email asking if they are still interested in campus housing. Those who respond will be emailed application instructions. Students with ADA needs should contact Disability Resource Center (DRC).

May 7 | Last day newly admitted first-year and transfer students can edit the 2019-20 housing application through University Housing single-click access on the Cal Poly Portal. Edits to application do not change the application submission date.

May 10 | PASS available for Fall 2019 Quarter

May 27 | Academic holiday I Memorial Day

May 28 | Fee Past Due Date (if not financial aid deferred) for Summer 2019 quarter

May 28 | Classes follow a Monday Schedule

June 3 | Summer Quarter 2019 Housing License Agreement due.

June 5-7 | Housing room assignments for Summer Quarter 2019 are posted in the online application system. Charges are posted on the Money Matters tab.

June 7 | Last day of instruction

June 7 | Last day to submit payment for Summer 2019 to secure a summer space on campus.

June 7 | Last day to withdraw from course(s) for emergency reason (5pm)

June 7 | Last day to submit paperwork for Cal Poly coursework (substitutions, concentration declarations, ICS statements, etc.) and transcripts (from other colleges) in order to affect Academic Progress level for registration for Winter 2020 (received in the Office of the Registrar by 5:00 pm), if you will not be here for summer quarter.

June 10-14 | Spring 2019 Final Exams

June 10 | Class cancellation (financial aid deferred accounts exempt) for Summer 2019 quarter

June 10 | Summer Institute Program 2019 students apply for summer housing.

June 16 | All students must vacate their rooms and apartments by 5 p.m.

June 17 | 1st Financial Aid Disbursement for Summer 2019 quarter

June 17 | Financial Aid Deferred Fees Past Due for Summer 2019 quarter

June 17 | Summer Institute Program 2019 Housing License Agreement due.

June 20 | Last day for first year students to self-assign. 

June 21 | All grades finalized

June 21 | 1st Direct Deposit Refund for Excess Financial Aid for Summer 2019 quarter

June 23 | Summer Quarter 2019 residents (full, 8-week, and first 5-week sessions) move into campus housing. Students must show a photo ID to receive their room keys.

June 24 | First day of classes for Summer 2019 quarter

June 28 | End of first round of registration appointment for Fall 2019

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Upcoming Events

May 2 | Commencement Info Booth | 11am-1pm | Dexter Lawn

May 2 | Disability Tapas: Supporting Students with ADHD | 11am-12pm | Building 52 Room E26

May 3-4 | Arthritis Walk 2019 | 12am-12am | O’Neill Green

Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundations annual community fundraising 5K walk event. The funds raised from the 5K support our nonprofit mission and research aimed at finding a cure for arthritis, Americas leading cause of disability.

May 3-5 | Legados de Valladolid | 3-6pm, 8:30am-6pm, 8:30am-2pm | Cotchett Education Building

The Cal Poly Debate Team, the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of World Languages and Cultures of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, will be hosting the second annual Legados de Valladolid Debate.

This event is a not-for-profit civic debate tournament that will be serving the Spanish speaking student population of Cal Poly and other universities. We are also inviting a number of high-profile politicians, activists and professors to be the expert adjudicators.

May 3 | Baseball vs. Hawaii | 6-9pm | Baggett Stadium

May 4 | SLO Symphony Classics V | 11am-1pm | Performing Arts Center

May 4 | Cal Poly Senior Lecture-Recital by Megan Fong - The Power of the Piano: Chopin's Preludes and Their Innovations | 3-4pm | Building 45 Room 218

Megan Fong will present a lecture-recital titled "The Power of the Piano: Chopin’s Préludes and Their Innovations" in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. The recital is free and open to the public; no tickets or advanced reservations are required.

May 4 | Baseball vs. Hawaii | 4-7pm | Baggett Stadium

May 4 | SLO Symphony Classics V Concert | 7:30-9:30pm | Performing Arts Center

May 5 | The Magic of Elliott Hunter | 3-4pm | Chumash Auditorium

Elliott Hunter is a professional magician who has appeared on the Las Vegas Strip under the St. Louis Arch and is coming to your community! In partnership with Cal Poly's Club Sports Council, Elliott Hunter will perform "The Magic of Elliott Hunter."

May 5 | Baseball vs. Hawaii | 1-4pm | Baggett Stadium

May 5 | Cal Poly Senior Lecture by Samuel A. Nelson - The Hurdy-Gurdy: From Pageantry to Peasantry | 3-4pm | Building 45 Room 218

Samuel A Nelson will present a lecture titled "The Hurdy-Gurdy: From Pageantry to Peasantry" in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. The recital is free and open to the public; no tickets or advanced reservations are required.

May 5 | Cal Poly Clarinet Festival | 6-8pm | Building 45 Room 218

The Music Department will present all things clarinet at the second annual Clarinet Festival. The performance will include a variety of ensembles from both on and off campus, including solos, duos, trios and quintets showcasing a variety of styles and genres of music from classical to chamber to jazz. The Wind in the Reeds, a Central Coast community clarinet group, will be a featured guest ensemble. A total of 30 combined clarinetists will perform together for the grand finale, Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Marche Militaire Français.” The performers range in age from 17 to 82. Cal Poly faculty member Keith Waibel, who directs Cal Poly’s clarinet ensembles, is the concert organizer.

May 6 | FE Review Sessions | 8-10pm | Building 180 Room 114

Review sessions for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, which is required in order to become a licensed engineer-in-training. Tickets are $50 and provide access to 7 two-hour sessions on various topics covered in the exam, including mechanics of materials, dynamics, fluid dynamics, engineering economics, mathematics, and statistics. On the seventh day, there will be a practice exam given. Contact for more information.

May 7 | Cal Poly Farmers’ Market | 3:30-5:30pm | Mustang Way

May 7 | Baseball vs. Pepperdine | 6-9pm | Baggett Stadium

May 8 | Sustain US All | 6-8pm | Chumash Auditorium

Sustain US all is going to be a campus wide thought experiment addressing sustainability in a globalized world, and how each individual plays a role. With inequality sky-rocketing world wide, and consumerism, wastefulness, and yet dissatisfaction all around, this experiment will facilitate diversity of opinion in small groups to argue effectively about the issues of climate change and what we, as a cohort, and as a generation, are each going to DO about it. Sustainability is not just an environmentalist problem-- but a problem for humanity that needs to be addressed if changes are going to be made in a positive direction. A brief outline includes an introduction speech, a division of the student population, and a reorganization of those students into smaller groups with opposing view points. The prompt will be to argue about the issues effectively, and listen effectively, to create a 'Utopian' society that works for everyone in the globalized world. Food will be provided.

May 8 | The Unruly Woman | 6-8pm | Building 52 Room E27

Buzzfeed writer, Anne Helen Petersen received her PhD from the University of Texas in Media Studies and is author of the recently released Too fat, too slutty, too loud: The rise and reign of the unruly woman. As NPR's literary critic Annalisa Quinn states "from Serena Williams (too strong) to Lena Dunham (too naked), Petersen shows how each woman defied norms while still staying close enough to the edges of respectability to achieve mainstream success." Other notable work includes her first novel Scandals of classic hollywood and dozens of articles that have been widely shared on Buzzfeed including most recently an article on Alias Grace titled "The new Margaret Atwood explores the real horrors of patriarchy." Her work has been featured on NPR, Vice News, and the New York Times.  Also, she is a former professor of rhetorical studies at Whitman College and now a senior writer for buzzfeed in which a good majority of students get their news.

May 9 | Commencement Info Booth | 11am-1pm | UU Plaza

May 9 | Disability Tapas: Supporting Students with Autism | 11am-12pm | Building 52 Room E26

May 9 | Conduct-a-Band | 11am-12pm | UU Plaza Stage

People will have the opportunity to conduct the Cal Poly Mustang Band. Help support the band by donating $5 to conduct a song of your choice. All proceeds will go towards helping the band go on trips, such as the Disneyland parade or Chinese New Year Parade, that in return help promote and advertise Cal Poly to the general public.

May 9 | InDesign a Business Card | 11am-12pm | Building 2 Room 204

Learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud's InDesign to design a business card!

May 9 | Safer Travels Workshop | 11am-12pm | Building 180 Room 112

May 9 | 7 x 24 Silicon Valley Mechanical Presentation | 6-7pm | Building 192 Room 242

Ryan Wall, a representative from Silicon Valley Mechanical, will be presenting about the work SVM does and its relation to the data center industry.

May 9 | "Stop Kiss" | 8-10pm | Spanos Theatre

Additional shows: May 10, 11, 16, 17, 18   

Two young women in New York, Callie and Sara, unexpectedly fall in love.  Their first kiss incites a violent, homophobic attack that transforms each of their lives in ways they never could have imagined.  With poignancy and humor, Diana Son's moving story provides a powerful snapshot of our contemporary landscape.

May 10 | Softball vs. Santa Barbara | 3-7:30pm | Bob Janssen Field

May 11 | Softball vs. Santa Barbara | 1-3:30pm | Bob Janssen Field

May 11 | Cal Poly Chamber Choir Concert: Works in the Requiem Tradition | Mission San Luis Obispo

The 24-member Chamber Choir will present a concert of two requiems. The concert will open with the spectacular and rarely performed “Musikalische Exequien” (“Funeral Music”) composed by Heinrich Schütz in 1636. The second half of the concert will feature John Rutter’s “Requiem.” Completed in 1985, it combines elements from the traditional Latin text with modern English. The performance will feature a seven-piece chamber orchestra of Cal Poly students and professional musicians, including faculty member Samuel Shalhoub, lute, and staff accompanist Paul Woodring, organ. Glysson will travel to New York with 34 Cal Poly students — including five from the Chamber Choir — to perform at Carnegie Hall on May 25 as part of MidAmerica Productions’ 36th concert season.

May 13 | Imposter Syndrome Panel | 6-8pm | Building 10 Room 226

Please join WISH for a panel discussing Imposter Syndrome. For those unfamiliar with this ideology, the Imposter Syndrome is the notion in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments; they often attribute their successes to luck or a mistake, but their failures to a lack of skill. The panel will focus on tackling this issue and what can be proactively done to eliminate this syndrome from our daily lifestyles.

Food will be provided!

May 14 | CIE May Forum | 4:30-7pm | Performing Arts Center

Join the CIE to welcome the 2019 SLO HotHouse accelerator companies! Meet the newest students accepted into our summer accelerator program as they set off on their new adventure to launch a startup in only 13 weeks. Panel discussion and light refreshments will be provided.

May 14 | X-ray Astronomy | 6:30-8pm | Spanos Theatre

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Chandra X-ray Observatory.  To celebrate two decades of science from this flagship NASA space mission, Dr. Esra Bulbul from the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian will discuss some of the many contributions that Chandra has made to our understanding of the universe.

May 15 | MATE Technical Conference | 8am-5pm | Building 7 Room 2

Join the MATE Department for the Annual Materials Engineering Technical Conference. This will be the culmination of the Materials Engineering Senior Project Design sequence which takes place during the last, complete academic year for MATE students. Students may work in teams or individually, and are advised by a MATE faculty member. The projects can be student generated, part of faculty research, or sponsored by industry or community partners.

So please feel free to join us for the students’ presentation!

May 16 | Mustang Mile Obstacle Course | 4-8pm | Doerr Family Field

Grab a team of four and sign-up for your chosen start time to compete in the 8th annual Mustang Mile: Obstacle Course. Obstacles include a sandbag carry, army crawl, sack race, inflatable games, and more.

Mustang Mile is held in honor of Carson Starkey to support the mission and message of Aware Awake Alive, a national nonprofit organization founded by Scott and Julia Starkey. Presented by ASI Intramural Sports in collaboration with WithUs, Mustang Mile seeks to provide health and wellness resources that will educate students on the signs of alcohol poisoning and the dangers of binge drinking.

Registration costs $50 per team of four and includes a free barbecue and a variety of booths at the Wellness Fair. Only one team member is required to register. The registrant must be a Cal Poly Recreation Center member.  Register today at ASI Access

May 16 | Commencement Info Booth | 11am-1pm | UU Plaza

May 16 | Disability Tapas: ADA/504 Accommodations: Equitable Access and Legal Considerations | 11am-12pm | Building 52 Room E26

May 17 | Seeing the Racial Water: A keynote by Dr. Robin DiAngelo | 11am-12:30pm | Performing Arts Center

What does it mean to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless yet is deeply divided by race? I will describe the way race shapes the lives of White people, explain what makes racism so hard for White people to see, and identify common White racial patterns that prevent us from moving towards greater racial equity.  Weaving information, analysis, stories, images, and familiar examples, I provide the framework needed to develop white racial literacy. Although the focus is on white racial identity development, people of color may also find the analysis valuable as it is one that is rarely affirmed or provided in mainstream society. “Seeing the Racial Water” provides an essential foundation for building white racial literacy.

May 17 | Baseball vs. UC Riverside | 6-9pm | Baggett Stadium

May 17 | W. Terrence Spiller Piano Recital: Beethoven Sonata Cycle IV | 7:30-10pm | Performing Arts Center Pavilion

The fourth in Spiller's survey of the Beethoven piano sonatas:

  • Sonata in C Minor, Op.10, No.1
  • Sonata in G, Op. 31, No.1
  • Sonata in G Minor, Op. 49, No.1
  • Sonata in G, Op. 49, No. 2

May 18-19 | Jewish Festival of Learning | 8am-4pm | Chumash Auditorium

May 18 | Cal Poly Senior Percussion Recital by Tim Compton | 3-4pm | Building 45 Room 218

Tim Compton will present a percussion recital in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. The recital is free and open to the public; no tickets or advanced reservations are required.

May 18 | Baseball vs. UC Riverside | 4-7pm | Baggett Stadium

May 19 | Baseball vs. UC Riverside | 1-4pm | Baggett Stadium

May 21 | Cal Poly Farmers’ Market | 3:30-5:30pm | Mustang Way

May 21 | Cal Poly Student Piano Recital | 7:30-8:30pm | Building 45 Room 218

A free recital presented by Cal Poly Music Department student pianists.

May 22 | Apollo 10 50th Anniversary Celebration | 6:30-9:30pm | Building 180 Room 101

The cosmic evolution project is sponsoring a 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 10 mission which was the dress rehearsal for the first lunar landing by Apollo 11. On this date 50 years ago, two astronauts in the lunar module descended from the command module to within 8.4 miles of the surface of the moon. The lecture will highlight the Apollo program, its role in explaining the origin of the Moon, the co-evolution of the Earth and the Moon, and the influence of the Moon on life on Earth.

May 22 | Student Directed Dance Concert | 8-10pm | Spanos Theatre

The annual Spring Dance Concert is sponsored by Cal Poly's Theatre and Dance Department under the direction of student directors and faculty advisors.  This concert is an eclectic combination of student choreography.  It aims to include a variety of dance styles and dancers of different skill levels, while reflecting artistic exploration, originality, professionalism, and maturity.  Cal Poly students from diverse majors and backgrounds choreograph and perform the dances.

May 23 | Commencement Info Booth | 11am-1pm | UU Plaza

May 23 | Disability Tapas: Accessible Learning Spaces: Addressing Mobility and Visual Access Needs | 11am-12pm | Building 52 Room E26

May 23 | Addressing Multilevel Social Determinants of Health in Cancer Health Disparities | 11am-12pm | Building 33 Room 286

Scarlett Lin Gomez, PhD, MPH / Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California San Francisco will be addressing Multilevel Social Determinants of Health in Cancer Health Disparities.

May 23 | Cal Poly Information Security Forum | 11am-12pm | UU 220

Join the Information Security Office for their quarterly Information Security Forum, featuring LastPass. Attendees will learn how to use the premier password manager, which will soon be available to all Cal Poly faculty and staff. A speaker from LastPass will go over the application and answer questions. Staff from Information Technology Services (ITS) will be on-hand with computers to help attendees set up an account. To request a LastPass account prior to the event, visit

May 23 | Cal Poly Guitar Ensemble Recital | 5-6pm | Building 45 Room 218

A free recital presented by Cal Poly Music Department student guitarists.

May 23 | Patagonia Film: "Artifishal" Documentary Screening | 7-9pm | Building 3 Room 213

May 23 | Student Directed Dance Concert | 8-10pm | Spanos Theatre

The annual Spring Dance Concert is sponsored by Cal Poly's Theatre and Dance Department under the direction of student directors and faculty advisors.  This concert is an eclectic combination of student choreography.  It aims to include a variety of dance styles and dancers of different skill levels, while reflecting artistic exploration, originality, professionalism, and maturity.  Cal Poly students from diverse majors and backgrounds choreograph and perform the dances.

May 25 | Students of Color Summit Workshops | 8am-6:30pm | Various locations on campus

The third annual Students of Color Summit will seek to unite students from different intersections of identity to explore intracommunal issues and think critically about our social and moral responsibility.

The theme, (RE) B.I.R.T.H., serves as a representation of what we hope to accomplish in bringing communities of color and accomplices together. Through rebuilding, re-imagining, rerouting, rethinking, and re-healing, we hope to cultivate a brave space that will raise consciousness for community advocacy and social justice.

This conference will center around Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color on our campus. It will be an opportunity for students to explore, (re)define, and transcend identities as we learn by undoing the systematic oppression embedded in consciousness.

May 25 | Cal Poly Arab Music Ensemble Spring Concert | 8-10pm | Spanos Theatre

The Arab Music Ensemble’s Spring Concert will celebrate seasonal themes. The program is blooming with themes of spring, and will include popular Lebanese music, amusing bits of theatre and energetic dances. The ensemble will be joined on stage by professional guest artists Faisal Zedan, percussion, and Fathi al-Jarrah, violin. Al-Jarrah, born in Aleppo, Syria, is considered one of the great contemporary masters of classical Arabic music. Zedan, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and raised in Oum Dbaib, Syria, has worked with such musicians as Aieto Moreira, The Gorillaz and Joan Baez. San Luis Obispo dance director Jenna Mitchell, a Cal Poly alumna, will lead her dance troupe in original choreography that dialogues with the music. Samuel Shalhoub, a composer, performer, lecturer in the Liberal Studies Department and president of the Coast Unified School District Board of Trustees in Cambria, is directing the Arab Music Ensemble in its third concert of the 2018-19 season. 

May 26 | 5th Year Architectural thesis Showcase | 10am-5pm | Chumash Auditorium

This exhibition features the completed year-long architectural thesis projects designed by each 5th-year architecture student as the final culmination of their undergraduate studies.

May 28 | Cal Poly's RSVP XXIV: Invitation | 8-10pm | Performing Arts Center Pavilion

This marks the 24th season of this diverse transmedia series celebrating electroacoustic diversity and compositional risk.

May 29 | Cambodian Genocide Film & Discussion | 5:30-8:30pm | Building 7 Room 2

Michael Winn worked primarily with Cambodian refugees in Khao I Dang (160k) and Sra Keo (39k) in Thailand and has agreed to give a talk at the screening. Michael I hope you don't mind if I share some of the insight you sent me. One angle Michael might be able to talk about, which many do not know, is the continuation of the Khmer Rouge.

 "They were quite powerful then, and continued in power well into 1983-4, their power and influence waxing and waning back and forth across the west of Kampuchea then with the rains.  When the land was dry, Vietnamese armor could press close to the border, shell, and generally make live for everyone there very difficult; but when the rains came, Vietnamese armor bogged down and they had to pull back east, and the KR moved back into the vacuum that created. The hard core cadre used refugee camps as a kind of R&R, and that was helped by a sort of benign neglect by the Thai military."

May 30 | Commencement Info Booth | 11am-1pm | UU Plaza

May 30 | Disability Tapas: Supporting Students with Psychological Disabilities | 11am-12pm | Building 52 Room E26

May 30 | Cal Poly Student Instrumental Recital | 11am-12pm | Building 45 Room 218

A free recital presented by Cal Poly Music Department student instrumentalists.

May 31 | Cal Poly's 'An Evening of Woodwinds and Strings' Chamber Recital | 7:30-8:30pm | San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church

The Cal Poly Music Department will present an evening of woodwind and string chamber music at the San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church. Several Cal Poly music ensembles will perform a variety of traditional and contemporary repertoire featuring woodwind and string instruments. The free, public concert will be in the sanctuary of the church at 1515 Fredericks St. in San Luis Obispo.

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