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Find Us During Move-In Weekend

Parent and Family Programs is excited to be hosting the following events during move-in weekend. Parent volunteers will be at the events to answer your questions and give their insight as Cal Poly Proud parents of current students.

Gathering on the Green | Friday, September 14, 2018 | 4-6 p.m. | Dexter Lawn

Out-of-state parents, supporters and students are invited to celebrate and relax after move-in. This reception is a great opportunity for families from outside of California to meet and mingle, make connections and share tips on how to best support new students who are far from home. Light refreshments will be provided.

Evening with the President | Sunday, September 16, 2018 | 5-7 p.m. | O’Neill Green

Parents and supporters are invited to enjoy a reception with fellow incoming Mustang families to connect with President Armstrong and commemorate the beginning of their student’s Cal Poly journey. Light refreshments will be provided. Following the reception, join the campus community to help welcome new students at the Big Fall Welcome in Spanos Stadium at 7 p.m. With your student already in their Week of Welcome (WOW) group, you'll have the unique opportunity to witness the spirited start of fall quarter.

Register today!

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Register for Mustang Family Weekend

This October, discover how your student has made Cal Poly their home! At Mustang Family Weekend, you and your family will:

  • Explore campus through interactive tours and hikes
  • Engage in Learn by Doing lectures and labs led by esteemed faculty
  • Enjoy receptions, live music and fun activities for the whole family
  • Attend athletic and performing arts events throughout the weekend
  • ... and so much more!

Registration is for the entire family and includes: 

  • One parking pass for the weekend ($20 value)
  • One swag bag filled with exclusive Cal Poly gear ($25 value)
  • Receptions with food, live music and fun activities (over a $25 value)
  • Entrance to exclusive events and programming throughout the weekend (over a $25 value)

Register today!

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Out of State Families: Learn About Local Connections

Cal Poly’s Local Connections program aims to connect incoming out-of-state students with San Luis Obispo (SLO) sponsors to help foster their sense of community around town and on campus - their new home away from home!

This unique program offers students the chance to find and form a local support system that allows them to meet, connect and build long-lasting friendships with both local families and fellow out-of-state students. Common activities to enjoy together include exploring downtown SLO, going on a local hike, getting rides to the airport or train station, and celebrating the holidays together.

We encourage all incoming out-of-state students to participate in Local Connections for the 2018-19 academic year. To learn more about the program and application process, please visit the Local Connections website.

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Tips and Tricks for Move-In

Mustang Move-In is an exciting and emotional time for parents and supporters of both incoming first-year students and continuing students. Review the following tips on making your student’s move-in experience as smooth as possible. You can also review the August edition of Poly Parent News for more detailed tips and tricks!

  • Remind your student to check their Cal Poly email account frequently for updates regarding move-in times, campus entrance routes, and more!
  • Members of our Mustang Welcome Team will help unload your car and move belongings to your student’s residence hall; don’t’ forget to arrive on the date and time indicated on the Mustang Move-In Pass that your student registered for ahead of time
  • Campus housing is located on hilly terrain. Be prepared to climb stairs as there are no elevators in most buildings. Also, remember that September days on the Central Coast are warm!
  • Consider bringing comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen and water.
  • Please leave pets at home.
  • Bring less to begin with. Your student always has the holiday breaks to get things from home and you can mail additional items later.
  • Remind your student to review the University Housing Resident Handbook to learn about their rights and responsibilities as a member of the Cal Poly Housing community.
  • Take the time to unwind and enjoy SLO after helping your student move in. Grab lunch or dinner in downtown SLO with your student or head to one of the many wineries in SLO wine country while your student unpacks and settles in.
  • Don’t forget to get connected as a parent or supporter! Parent & Family Programs will be hosting the following events over the weekend for parents and families:
    • Gathering on the Green | Friday, September 14, 2018 | 4-6 p.m. | Dexter Lawn
      • Out-of-state parents, supporters and students are invited to celebrate and relax after move-in. This reception is a great opportunity for families from outside of California to meet and mingle, make connections and share tips on how to best support new students who are far from home. Light refreshments will be provided. Register here!
    • Evening with the President | Sunday, September 16, 2018 | 5-7 p.m. | O’Neill Green
      • Parents and supporters are invited to enjoy a reception with fellow incoming Mustang families to connect with President Armstrong and commemorate the beginning of their student’s Cal Poly journey. Light refreshments will be provided. Following the reception, join the campus community to help welcome new students at the Big Fall Welcome in Spanos Stadium at 7 p.m. With your student already in their Week of Welcome (WOW) group, you'll have the unique opportunity to witness the spirited start of fall quarter. Register here!

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University Housing Parent Booklet

Is your student moving into on-campus housing? Stay in the know about all the relevant University Housing policies and procedures by reading the University Housing Parent & Supporter Welcome Booklet!

This comprehensive new resource touches on topics such as:

  • Housing staff
  • Safety and security
  • Emergency information
  • Community programs and events
  • Roommate agreements and conflict resolution
  • Alcohol and drug policies
  • Mailing and other services

Also remind your student to review their own University Housing Resident Handbook to stay informed of Cal Poly policies and regulations. If you have any questions or concerns about on-campus housing or residential life, contact Residential Life & Education at 805-756-5690 or

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Not Anymore Training

Not Anymore is a mandatory alcohol and sexual assault awareness training for all incoming Cal Poly students. Remind your student to complete this training through their Cal Poly Portal by September 13, 2018. Cal Poly aims to educate all its students on the important topics of alcohol use/abuse, safety, sexual assault, and consent. Students who do not complete this training by September 13, 2018 will have holds placed on their accounts until it is completed. Not Anymore was launched on August 20, 2018 and your student will continue to receive email reminders over the summer about this training and other important deadlines. Remind your student to check their emails frequently and thoroughly even in the days and weeks leading up to the start of the quarter in order to stay on top of important reminders and deadlines.

While this training is extremely important to the Cal Poly community, it may contain sensitive and/or triggering content involving sexual and dating violence. If your student has concerns about this content, please have them contact Safer at 805-756-2282 or for confidential support.

For all other questions or concerns about the Not Anymore training, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at 805-756-2794 or

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From Reflection to Action

For some, the start of every academic year means a time of renewal at Cal Poly. For others, however, it means taking steps to prevent history from repeating itself.

The latter sentiment holds especially true after racially charged images surfaced last spring of a Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity member, among other incidents, that resulted in student protests, mistrust and anger.

With a new academic year around the corner, Jozi De Leon, Cal Poly vice president for diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer, and Jamie Patton, assistant vice president for student affairs (diversity and inclusion), sat down and shared some of the specific steps the university is taking to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Take me back to the events that occurred in April. What were your thoughts on the campus community’s reaction to these racially charged incidents?

Jozi De Leon (JDL):

I don’t know of anyone connected with Cal Poly — directly or indirectly — who wasn’t impacted.

Obviously, the students had the strongest reaction — the students of color, who were most impacted by the blackface incident, and then later, the Greek Life students who were impacted by the temporary suspension of the Greek system. I also think a lot of our students weren’t sure how to react, because they empathized with our students of color but also with their peers in Greek Life. There were a lot of mixed emotions, and it was palpable — you could feel it throughout campus.

Of course, it impacted faculty and staff as well. I think those of us in administrative roles felt it deeply and really wanted to do something immediately — but what do we do and how do we do it? How do we respond in such a way that is going to communicate that we care and that this is not acceptable on our campus? We also had to be mindful of policies and other requirements that we had to adhere to as administrators.

Jamie Patton (JP):

I think our students really stepped up, as this was a tipping point in their Cal Poly experience. Within 24 hours they mobilized and said that they needed to have a series of meetings. There were meetings within the Greek community; there was a town hall meeting that first night. Our faculty, staff and community really showed the heart of Cal Poly, too.

I can still say that I don’t believe those incidents speak to who we are as a university. However, we also need to acknowledge that this isn’t the first racist incident at Cal Poly. We have some history here.

It is our goal to make a permanent shift in our campus climate. We now have students telling us their stories of adverse experiences. They’re talking about places on campus where they feel comfortable and spaces they don’t. It has provided an outlet for our students to say, “This has been my experience. This is Cal Poly, too.”

So, this is a growth opportunity for us. There was a lot of work already underway, and these incidents really showed why we need to continue those efforts and do more in terms of trainings, workshops and other opportunities for students to learn about differences. That’s really shaping how we’re moving forward.


I’m really proud of our students and the activist roles they’ve taken. They want to see things happen, so now as a campus we need to be responsive. I’m also proud of the way the university community reacted with such care and concern. We all feel the hurt of students who felt that they were further marginalized, targeted and offended by the events of the spring.

What did you learn about Cal Poly students as a result of these events?


They’re resilient, powerful, intelligent, strong, caring.


They’re passionate – and strong.

The Office of University Diversity and Inclusion (OUDI) introduced the Diversity Action Initiatives to campus in early June. What are they, and how did the events on campus influence those initiatives?


They’re a compendium of all diversity initiatives the university is actively involved in at this time, including efforts that we are planning in the immediate future. Since I arrived on campus, I’ve noticed there’s this misperception that the university hasn’t done much to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives. OUDI initially helped to compile this list of initiatives during a diversity mapping exercise several years ago, and it has since been added to by other divisions within the university. After the events on campus this spring, it became even more important for us to share this list with the community.


Within Student Affairs, I can tell you that we took a hard look at orientation programming, in terms of educating incoming students about our expectations of them. With that in mind, we’ve improved our orientation sessions to speak more directly to students, parents and supporters about these important issues. Community is so important here, and we want to be clear about the things we expect from them when they join ours.

We’re also adding an online diversity seminar for all incoming students. It speaks to different topics relevant to students, such as identity, privilege, implicit bias, microaggressions, among other things, so they can build their knowledge and their ability to communicate cross-culturally. We also plan to make this available to students in areas such as Athletics, Greek Life and ASI student government.

Finally, I’m going to conduct several in-person follow-up sessions with incoming students. This will ensure that the conversation continues through additional programming and other opportunities. We want to ingrain these values so that students have the courage to act and speak up in challenging situations.

You've also established campus climate strategy groups to specifically address diversity and inclusion through curriculum, recruitment and retention, and of course, campus climate itself. Can you talk a little bit about these groups and how you see them impacting the university’s efforts?


Through the Collective Impact process last fall, we established these groups to assess the work that’s already been done on campus to address campus climate, diversity in the curriculum, and the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students from underrepresented communities. The groups identified not only work already done within these areas but also gaps that needed to be addressed and areas that could be resources for greater collaboration and collective impact. They were also tasked with generating short-term and long-term recommendations based on their findings and discussions. These recommendations will be reviewed in the fall to determine next actionable steps.  

So where does Cal Poly go from here?


I think the overall goal remains the same, especially from my perspective: We have an opportunity to lead not only our university but also the nation in moving the needle on campus climate. I think the proof will be in the work that we do.

For instance, in the immediate future, we’ll be working with our Greek Life students to implement some of the diversity and inclusion initiatives we asked them to prioritize in the spring. We will also partner with Safer and other campus programs to educate students on being better bystanders when a peer feels unsafe in our community. Ultimately, we believe these ongoing efforts will help students be better citizens and proactive bystanders, both on our campus and within the greater community.


This is a very special place. I was really attracted to Cal Poly because I thought, “This is a predominantly white institution that is ­— in terms of people’s mindset and commitment to diversity — in a very different place than anything I’ve experienced elsewhere.” I like that challenge, and I can see Cal Poly leading the way and showing others how to really embed diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice values throughout everything we represent and do. That’s the goal.

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Recommended Parent Reading List

Ever wish there was a how-to guide on parenting college students? While there might not be a manual on raising young adults, there are several helpful resources, articles, and books to help you support your student. Each quarter Parent & Family Programs will recommend a recent and relevant book or article for parents and supporters of students of all identities and backgrounds.

Fall Quarter Reading Recommendation: How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott-Haims

Written by a past Dean of Students at Stanford University, How to Raise an Adult “draws on research, on conversations with admissions officers, educators, and employers, and on her own insights as a mother and as a student dean to highlight the ways in which overparenting harms children, their stressed-out parents, and society at large. While empathizing with the parental hopes and, especially, fears that lead to overhelping, Lythcott-Haims offers practical alternative strategies that underline the importance of allowing children to make their own mistakes and develop the resilience, resourcefulness, and inner determination necessary for success.”

Want to start a local Cal Poly parent reading circle? Browse Facebook for the many local Facebook groups created and maintained by current and past Cal Poly Proud parents. Happy reading!

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No Car? No Problem

While the First-Time Freshman Parking Policy indicates that first-year Cal Poly residential students are not permitted to bring vehicles to campus for the duration of their first year, there are plenty of other transportation options for your student! 

With so many easy, affordable, and free transportation options within the area, your student may not even need a car after their first year!

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Dining for Charities

As students move along their academic journey, they may be unable to afford expenses critical to their ongoing success, including housing and meals, academic supplies and materials, personal care items, professional clothing and unplanned emergencies. Cal Poly Cares provides short-term emergency funds and has been effective in removing roadblocks along the way to graduation. Since the launch of this program in 2015, Cal Poly Cares has provided more than $800K in emergency grants to 539 students, including 36 students who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Students who receive these grants are of the highest needs and the demand keeps growing. Cal Poly has made a commitment to assist all qualified students through the grant program, but we need your help. One easy way is to support these students is through Dining for Charities, who has chosen Cal Poly Cares as their selected group for the month of September. Purchase gift certificates to local restaurants, spas, stores, and businesses and proceeds will go to Cal Poly Cares! Purchase your certificate today!

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Back to School, Back to SLO

We know students choose Cal Poly for its excellent academic reputation, state-of-the-art facilities and successful alumni. But, as an added benefit, our top-notch university happens to be located in one of the most desirable places in the United States. So next time you visit your student, why not make it a fun getaway to San Luis Obispo?

Start planning now for fall, one of the most beautiful times of the year in SLO. You and your Mustang will have plenty to do, with popular Cal Poly happenings including Mustang Family Weekend October 19- 21, and Homecoming November 8-11. Book your hotel now to make sure you’re close to all the SLO action, including the best boutiques and shopping in the county, the festive Downtown SLO Farmers’ Market every Thursday night, beautiful hiking trails and historic Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.

We know you’re coming to San Luis Obispo as a proud parent to visit your Mustang. But you deserve to celebrate your parenting success!

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Thank You Summer Send-Off Hosts

Thank you to the more than 100 parents and supporters who welcomed incoming families at regional Summer Send-Offs this summer. With over 45 event locations throughout California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Minnesota and Colorado – and around 1000 registered guests – the first-ever nationwide Summer Send-Offs were a success!

Thank you to all of our event hosts nationwide who volunteered their time to provide a chance for Cal Poly parents in their area to make connections and foster new friendships. Cal Poly is grateful to have passionate parents and supporters who are committed to strengthening the Mustang family!

Interested in hosting in 2019? We are happy to add you to our list of potential hosts for our winter coffee social, summer send-off, a fundraising event or something more! If interested, please fill out the Parent Volunteer Corps form here

For more information on how you can give your time, talent or treasure, please contact Erica A. Stewart, Director of Parent & Student Philanthropy, at 805-756-7386 or

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Emerging Leaders Series

The Center for Leadership fosters socially responsible leadership development through high-impact practices, programs, and events that are innovative, inclusive, and educational. A great way for students to connect with the Center for Leadership is by participating in the Emerging Leaders Series. The Emerging Leaders Series is the perfect way for students to build leadership skills, practice teamwork and communication skills, connect with other student leaders, and learn how to get involved at Cal Poly. The Emerging Leaders Series is FREE, open to all students (no experience required), and provides a fun, quick way for students to expand their perspective on leadership. Email to RSVP for the session that works best in your schedule! If fall quarter becomes too busy or hectic, not to worry- the Emerging Leaders Series is offered every quarter.

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Resource Spotlight - Mustangs for Recovery

Cal Poly has a variety of great resources for a diverse student body. Each month we will highlight one that may be beneficial or of interest to your student.

Mustangs for Recovery is a Cal Poly student organization that aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for students in recovery from addiction to substances and addictive behaviors. We also support students who have been directly or indirectly impacted by the substance abuse use of friends or loved ones.

The purpose Mustangs for Recovery exists is to carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer from addiction, and provide a safe place for students to discuss the ways addiction has impacted their lives. Mustangs for Recovery is centered around 4 main elements:

  • A community of supportive peers
  • Recovery-oriented meetings and events
  • Opportunities for leadership and service to the community
  • A Recovery-friendly space

For more information about Mustangs for Recovery contact Davis Henegar at or ‘like’ the Facebook page. To give to Mustangs for Recovery visit Cal Poly Giving.

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Ulzi Safety App

Ulzi is on a mission to prevent sexual assaults and violent crimes, one community at a time, with the help of WITH US from Cal Poly. Their revolutionary app combines bystander intervention and artificial intelligence to create safety. That means greater freedom for students (no more fear going downtown or walking home from late classes), and greater peace of mind for parents (no more staying up late waiting for that “home safe!” text). Sign up to learn more.

With a localized launch in San Luis Obispo coming up this fall before a nationwide rollout, Ulzi needs your help to spread the word. Because safety isn’t something you should do alone.

Sign up here to stay up to date with Ulzi’s progress and to get on the waitlist for the Ulzi app.

To show your commitment to preventing sexual assaults, forward this to friends and family, and share on Facebook. Tag @ulziofficial and #WithUlzi. Together we can make our communities safer and live life, without worry.

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Sign up for Fall Commencement Emails

Is your student graduating this fall? Parents, supporters, family and friends can sign up for Fall Commencement 2018 information emails to stay in the loop about commencement ceremonies, regalia, parking, tickets and more. By signing up to receive these informational emails, you’ll receive all the same content your student is receiving from the Commencement Office. Help your student stay focused on wrapping up their last quarter at Cal Poly by staying informed and in the know about the big event!

You can also follow Cal Poly Commencement on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements.

For questions or information about Fall Commencement, contact the Commencement Office at 805-756-1600 or

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 Important Dates and Deadlines

September 1 | First installment of housing payment plan and dining payment plan for 2018-19 due. A charge of $25 will be added for late payment (see fee schedules for payment amount).

September 1 | Second five-week session summer students move out of campus housing.

September 1 | Cal Poly Distribution Services begins accepting mail for Fall 2018 campus residents.

September 3 | Academic Holiday (Labor Day Observed)

September 4-6 | Summer Quarter 10-week session finals

September 6 | End of Summer Quarter

September 7-12 | Academic Holiday

September 7 | 10-week Summer Session students move out of campus housing.

September 13 | Not Anymore mandatory training due; students who do not complete the training by September 13 will receive a hold on their account

September 14-15 | Assisted move in for incoming first-year and transfer students. The residence halls and apartments will open noon - 6 p.m. for move-in each day thereafter.

September 16 | Assisted move-in for returning students. 

September 16 | Week of Welcome (WOW) begins.

September 17-19 | Self-guided move-in for returning students.

September 20 | First day of Fall 2018 classes.

October 1 | Second installment of housing payment plan and dining payment plan for 2018-19 due. A charge of $25 will be added for late payment (see fee schedules for payment amount).

October 1 | Intrahall trades begin (trades within the same hall).

October 1 | Last day to add or swap a class with a permission number via Student Center.

October 1 | Last day to drop classes and select CR/NC grading via Student Center.

October 1 | Last day to submit audit petition to the Office of the Registrar (5:00 pm).  

October 1 | Last day to log in and adjust your PolyPlan to avoid being placed in the last rotation appointment (PolyPlanner non-compliant) for Winter 2019 term by 5pm.

October 2 | Late Enrollment Appeal period begins.

October 2 | Interhall trades begin (trades to another hall).

October 8 | Last day to submit Late Enrollment Appeal (5:00 pm).

October 19-21 | Mustang Family Weekend

October 24 | Plan a Student Schedule (PASS) available for Winter 2019 Quarter at

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Upcoming Events

September 1, 2 | Family Fun Days| 5am-10pm | Recreation Center

September 2 | Women’s Soccer vs. Utah Valley | 7-9:30pm | Spanos Stadium

September 3 | Academic Holiday (Labor Day observed)

September 8 | Football vs. Weber State | 6-9pm | Spanos Stadium

September 14-15 | First-year and transfer student move-in

Parent & Supporter Orientation Sessions will be held in each first-year community at 2:00 p.m. on both Friday & Saturday, Sept. 14-15. Specific location information will be posted around each first-year community.

September 14-17 | CP Thrift Fair at Mustang Move-In | 8:30am-5:30pm | Near the entrance to yakʔitʸutʸu & at Poly Canyon Village

Save money on campus living items. Avoid extra trips to retailers. Reduce packaging waste from online shopping. Buy from the CP Thrift Fair at Mustang Move-in! College supplies & household items collected from the Cal Poly community last fall will be available to new and returning students. Items will be offered with a suggested donation to help fund future eco-friendly projects through the Cal Poly Green Campus Sustainability Fund. 

September 14 | Gathering on the Green | 4-6pm | Dexter Lawn

Out-of-state parents, supporters and students are invited to celebrate and relax after Mustang Move-In. Enjoy light refreshments and hear remarks from university leadership. This reception is a great opportunity for new members of the Mustang family to meet and mingle, make connections and share tips on how to best support students.

September 14 | Football vs. Brown | 7-10pm | Spanos Stadium

September 15 | September SLO Days

September 16 | Evening with the President | 5-7pm | O’Neill Green

Parents and supporters are invited to enjoy a reception with fellow incoming families to connect with President Armstrong and celebrate the beginning of your student’s Cal Poly journey. Light refreshments will be provided.

Following the reception, join the campus community to help welcome new students at the Big Fall Welcome in Spanos Stadium at 8 p.m. With your student already in their WOW group, you'll have the unique opportunity to witness the spirited start of fall quarter.

September 16-19 | Continuing student move-in dates

September 16-23 | Week of Welcome

September 18 | Men’s Soccer vs. Santa Clara | 5-7:30pm | Spanos Stadium

September 20 | First day of fall quarter classes

September 21 | Chemistry Department Fall Seminar Series | 11:10am-12pm | Building 14 Room 249

September 21 | Orfalea College of Business Seminar Series | 3:10-6pm | Building 3 Room 206

September 22 | Men’s Soccer vs. Westmont College | 7-9:30pm | Spanos Stadium

September 23 | Women’s Soccer vs. Cal Baptist | 1-3:30pm | Spanos Stadium

September 24 | Meet the Cultural Greeks | 8-9:30pm | Building 65 Room 220

Learn about Cal Poly's 10 (and growing) culturally-based sororities and fraternities at our event hosted by the United Sorority & Fraternity Council. 

September 25 | Boz Scaggs | 7:30-9:30pm | Performing Arts Center

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Boz Scaggs is known for a “blue-eyed soul” sound that covers rock, blues, soft ballads and rousing party songs that have landed him on Billboard’s Top 20 Hit Singles list countless times over his almost 50-year career. Boz and his slammin’ band return to the Performing Arts Center with a lively evening of greatest hits and surprising new music.

September 26 | Health and Wellness Fair | 8am-1pm | Chumash Auditorium

September 27 | A Call to Men: Redefining the Next Generation of Manhood | 7-9pm | Mott Gym

Student Affairs programs are partnering with the Women's Legacy Fund to present Ted Bunch, Activist, Educator, and Co-founder of A CALL TO MEN. He is recognized both nationally and internationally for his expertise in organizing and educating men in the effort to end violence against women. He is dedicated to strengthening community accountability to end all forms of violence against women.

September 27 | Jazz at Lincoln Center – “Spaces” | 7:30-10pm | Performing Arts Center

Appropriate for all ages in spirit and years, this special concert is the debut performance of a previously unfinished work. Composed with the concept of an “animal ballet” in mind, Wynton Marsalis’ Spaces will attempt to recapture the natural fascination we have with the sounds and movements of animals.

September 28 | Chemistry Department Fall Seminar Series | 11:10am-12pm | Building 14 Room 249

September 28 | Orfalea College of Business Seminar Series | 3:10-6pm | Building 3 Room 206

September 28 | Women’s Soccer vs. CSUN | 7-9:30pm | Spanos Stadium

September 29 | Football vs. Montana | 4-7pm | Spanos Stadium

September 29 | Cal Poly Faculty Recital | 7:30-9pm | Building 45 Room 218

Albanese, applied violin and viola instructor for the Music Department, will perform an eclectic mix of solo violin works as well as duos with faculty members Ken Hustad, bass; and John Astaire, percussion. She will also perform with guest guitarist Jack Cimo.

September 30 | Women’s Soccer vs. UC Davis | 12-2:30pm | Spanos Stadium

September 30 | Men’s Soccer vs. UCSB | 7-9:30pm | Spanos Stadium

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Important Campus Phone Numbers

Admissions | (805) 756-2311
Career Services | (805) 756-2501
Commencement Office | (805) 756-1600
Counseling Services | (805) 756-2511
Disability Resource Center | (805) 756-1395
Financial Aid Office | (805) 756-2927
Health Services | (805) 756-1211
Mustang Success Center | (805) 756-6211
Parent and Family Programs | (805) 756-6700
Student Accounts | (805) 756-1428
University Housing | (805) 756-1226
University Police Department | (805) 756-2281

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